Tuesday, February 24, 2004

FROM: Big Daddy
Proprietor, "Dingbust"
Somewhere in Davidson County, TN
February 24, 2004

TO: The Honorable (yeah, right!) George W. Bush
President (by Supreme Court edict) of the United States
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (temporary residence)
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President (rhymes with "Resident"):

Please keep your goddamn grubby hands off the U.S Constitution. And tell that to your Senate lackey from Tennessee, Dr. Plays Rough with Cats.

Big Daddy

P.S. Tell the missus to keep the number to the moving van handy...I think you'll need it in a few months.

What a putz..and I mean that charitably. We've got Iraq on the verge of civil war, another country just a few miles off our shores already in the throes of a civil war and teetering towards an eventual collapse, a sputtering, wheezing economy, deficits as far as the eye can see, and let's not forget these friggin' sociopaths...and what does he do? Pick a fight on his fellow Americans, who just want to live their lives in peace and happiness. Before he and his ilk try to amend the Constitution, they need to reread this little part of it...especially the part about the general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty. (That goes for you "strict constructionist" mofos, as well.)

Speaking of mofos (pronounced moe-FOES, for all of our slang challenged citizens out there), here's my theme for the `04 Anti-Bush Campaign:

That MoFo Has GOT to Go

And to quote My Main Man -- it's time for me to go. Later, y'all.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Good people of the Blogosphere, and especially the Almighty Rocky Top Brigade --



Damn....I've been gone a real long time....but I'll let the subtitle of this blog serve as my introduction, so to speak.

So, how the hell have you guys been, huh? When I last blogged on this here site, I had just added a new site devoted to My Main Man (www.goreabc.com, never to be linked to again, I'm sorry to say) as part of the effort to get him back in the race. Of course, weeks later, he endorsed "Mouthzilla" (see Nunes, Susan for examples of her tirades against the former Governor of Vermont), and it just took the wind right out of everybody's sails. Within a day, Draft Gore ended its effort, the people over at Elect Gore`04 shut their website down with nary a goodbye, good night, see ya later, kiss my ass, nuthin'. There was a last ditch "write-in" effort begun by some remaining Draft Gore diehards, but it all turned out for naught...so what began as the hopes and dreams (and as some right wing assholes would say, delusions) of his most ardent supporters turned into a third disappointment...and this time, we were definitely out.

We were all alike: we'd been living with the heartbreak of the 2000 campaign/fiasco/theft, especially those of us here in Tennessee (knock it off the laughter, Bushies, and finish your glass of GoOPer Kool Aid!). We felt a good man got shafted, and in the process, so did the nation, which would've been well served with his experience, vision, forthrightness and leadership. We saw the country being slowly, then surely, led down to the wrong path, and geared ourselves for the battle to come. Then came the second letdown....December 2002, when he said he wouldn't run. It would've been all about the 2000 election, he said, and that he had come to closure with the decision. O-Dub said it best the day after:

He spoke from his heart - telling us how wrong we were
fighting the war on terror, and how the Bush economic team
should be scrapped (someone was listening, eh?) but still the
derision and distaste continued. It was too much for one
person, even Al Gore.
So he won't be around to kick any more, though whoever
is the candidate of the Democrats can be prepared to be
demonize. But Al Gore doesn't have anything to be ashamed
of. He doesn't have to be the most electric man in the room, or
even the most affable. He is guilty of caring about America.
That's one crime I wish George Bush was guilty of.
Al Gore is still the better man.

(Emphasis mine...)

And I will always emphasize this till I get tired of talking about it...which may be til the day I die. A man raised by a distinguished U.S. Senator and his strong-willed, equally accomplished wife...born and (partly) raised in Washington (and how was that any fault of his own, please answer me that), but ingrained with true Tennessee values: hard work, faith, family, standing up to your responsibilities...and most of all, serving your country. Something which he did proudly, from Vietnam (no John Kerry-like heroism to brag on...but he was regular Army, unlike some people I know) to the vice presidency.

Should he have run this year? Yes, I think he should have. But looking back, did he do the right thing in not running?

Yes...I think he did. Because he wanted it to be about vision and values, and not about just seeking revenge. So he didn't go out like Adlai Stevenson, but instead on his own terms, knowing that his chance at the Oval Office was two and done. And he'd come to closure with it...but some of us hadn't. And still haven't...yet.

But we're getting there. I'm getting there. But fuck it all...he's still MY MAIN MAN.

So as I say goodbye to what could've been...what should've been...I look forward to what I hope will be....President John Kerry. Not because I believe he's better than John Edwards, but because he has what is sorely needed to beat The Pretender in this election: gravitas, that oft-mentioned word used when speaking of politicians. From what little I've seen of Edwards, he's very good on the stump, and may have the right combination of seriousness and charisma needed in otherwise ordinary times. But this year, the Democrats need a man at the top of the ticket who's been through the battlefield, both literally and figuratively, and has the experience to lead our country through some difficult times...and out of the quaqmire this (mis)administration has gotten this country stuck in, both on foreign shores and domestically. Any other year, I'd throw my support right behind Senator Edwards: he seems as if he can appeal to voters across the spectrum, regardless of age, race, creed, and political bent, something that's important if we want to win. But there's not enough battle dust on his shoes, and voters may not see past that. So this year, it's not just important to win the White House, but to have the right person to win...and I truly believe that person is Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.

Besides...Al's not running, now is he?

Later, folks.

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