Tuesday, October 07, 2003

First off: I got a new link on the right hand side devoted to My Main Man...check it out.

It's been a long time since I picked up a golf club -- about two or three summers -- but when I start back, I hope I have the presence of mind not to use ANY of these products. I'm a sucker for a cheap price on any and all goods, and I know these two plants haven't employed lots of people over the past several years, but these are 90 people who won't have a job. Jesus, how many more manufacturing jobs does Tennessee have to lose?

It hasn't been two weeks, and already, the freakin' bloodsuckers are coming out of the woodwork:

A survivor of the NHC nursing home fire is suing the company
for $5.5 million. The fire, which happened on Sept. 25, was
blamed for the deaths of 11 people.
Personal injury lawyers didn't waste any time trying to sign
up residents of the NHC nursing home.
(Emphasis mine.)
There were 120 residents of the home. Attorneys said almost all
of the 120 residents would have some sort of legal claim so
lawyers from across the state are scrambling to talk to the victims.
In an unusual move, some lawyers advertised directly to families
of the NHC nursing home. One ad appeared next to the obituaries
in the "Tennessean"and and another ad appeared in "The City Paper."

One of the advertising attorneys, David High, said he doesn't feel
it's wrong to solicit NHC patients, and in fact he thinks it's in their
best interest.

"In their best interest," he says. Give me a m_ _ _ _ f _ _ _ _ _ break. You advertise in the goddamn obituaries, for Pete's sake...and I've already seen one ad on T-V specifically target people who've had family members "injured" in nursing homes. Wonder who they're going after, huh? This just adds more ammunition in the drive for tort reform (which I'm againt, BTW). So in the interest of the public good, and to keep those freakin' bloodsuckers from leaching off a serious tragedy (and despite my low to non-existent readership), I'd like to pass on this info:

Nashville Bar Association
Lawyer Referral Service
315 Union Street

Meanwhile, these cats take second place on my Dirty Rat Bastards list.

Speaking of blogs, O-Dub just came back from the BloggerCon conference, and has an excellent post about the current and future state of blogs. I have to agree with him 100% -- while I love reading blogs (and writing in them when I get the urge), none of the folks I know know anything about blogs...and outside of the Trent Lott affair, I doubt they've having any real impact yet in the general society, despite what Oliver calls "the blog-to-blog echo chamber."

And Oliver -- despite his tight Democratic leanings -- is nonetheless an independent Dem, in that he could give a rat's ass about Gray Davis.

That is all for now...the Cubs are on, and Zambrano is getting hammered in the 3rd inning (he's already given up THREE straight homers!). Tomorrow, Governor Ahh-nold...after that...God, who knows...

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