Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Hi, ho everybody. It's close to 5 p.m. central time as I write this, I have to go outside and cut grass, I have errands to run, people who need my help, and I've got one more working day before staring a weeklong trip to Detroit and Chicago.

And I haven't blogged in nine days. So what's new?

Anyway, let me catch up on a shameful oversight: welcoming the newest members of the Rocky Top Brigade. Welcome one and all...and just to let you know, I, too, am in the fight for truth, justice and a good malt -- but not of the hard liquor variety. (I'll tell ya, though, it's a damn sight cheaper than Bubba's favorite drink!)

I write this as the mildest summer in recent Nashville history gives way to the usual dog days of the season. These aren't exactly the days that try men's souls, but they sure will put a beat down on wanting to hang around outside, especially if your're a tad overweight. (Ya hear me, I said a tad overweight.) That's why I'm in here posting, tyring to wait out the sun a little bit longer before tackling my own mini-jungle. And something else I've forgotten: it's been the wettest summer since I can remember -- hell, the wettest year in recent memory. I can't find the total precipitation for this year, but I know it's been wet, what with all that snow we had in the winter, and all that rain we had during the spring and most of this summer (including the tornadoes/severe thunderstorms).

A quick word of advice: do NOT eat a whole bag of Hershey's Sugar Free Rich Dark Chocolate minibars. Let's just say...it'll keep you well "occupied" ...if ya know what I mean.

Okay, sun's gone down quite a bit now. Gotta go...bye-bye.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Well, hello, again...please, notice the changes on the right, and adjust your life accordingly.

Yes, once again, I'm a day late and a dollar short on some major events, namely My Main Man's speech last week. More on that in a few secs...but once again, Big Daddy must pause and pay tribute to two more fallen American giants: Gregory Hines and 1980 U.S. Olympic coach Herb Brooks, the man who lead the great "Miracle On Ice" victory against the Soviets. Where was I when it happened? Sacking groceries at my part time job when my dad came in and told me the news. I don't know about everybody else in that store, but I was on Cloud Nine when he told me. And what can you say about Gregory Hines, the original Tap Dance Kid, that hasn't been said already? All I know for sure is, somewhere in this world, Savion Glover is crying a mean river...

Okay, about the speech: I read the transcript, and watched it both on the C-Span replay and streaming video (it's downloaded now at the newly renovated AlGoreDemocrats.com, by the way), and all I've got to say is: YOU GO BOY! Yes, he spoke before a partisan, welcoming crowd...he brought the freakin' house down, and just reiterated for me why he should be the one living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and not the man carrying the title now. Some columnists have already tried to shoot bullets at him, especially the Washington Post in this bullshit editorial, which starts with a quote from a 1998 speech. But here's the thing, slappy: yes, he (and Clinton) both said that Saddam needed to be stopped -- but they didn't say he was an imminent threat, not like the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz, et.al. cabal. And what was that he said about actually going to war? Let's go revist what he said less than a year ago, September 23, 2002 -- before the shootin' started:

In the case of Iraq, it would be more difficult for the United States to succeed alone, but still possible. By contrast, the war against terror manifestly requires broad and continuous international cooperation. Our ability to secure this kind of cooperation can be severely damaged by unilateral action against Iraq.
In just one year, the President has somehow squandered the international outpouring of sympathy, goodwill and solidarity that followed the attacks of September 11th and converted it into anger and apprehension aimed much more at the United States than at the terrorist network - - much as we manage to squander in one year's time the largest budget surpluses in history and convert them into massive fiscal deficits.
Regarding other countries, the Administration's disdain for the views of others is well documented and need not be reviewed here. It is more important to note the consequences of an emerging national strategy that not only celebrates American strengths, but appears to be glorifying the notion of dominance. If what America represents to the world is leadership in a commonwealth of equals, then our friends are legion; if what we represent to the world is empire, then it is our enemies who will be legion.

And those were the prepared remarks (courtesy, again, of AlGoreDemocrats.com). But in all those well crafted statements, it's what he said off the cuff (no, not that "Kuff") that counts for me:
If you're going after Jesse James, you take the posse with you.

Al ain't perfect, we all know that...but, at the risk of sounding like an overawed schoolboy, he's the only politician I've known in my lifetime blessed with an amazing intelligence and foresight (honed by experience) to see how things will play out down the road.

`Nuff said.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Hi, ho, folks...again, sorry to have been gone so long. I'm writing this as I listen to Terry Gross interview Bill Maher on Fresh Air, so my thought patterns will probably be rather scattershot. (And did you know Bill has a blog?)

My Main Man is giving a speech tomorrow about the post-war Iraq situation in New York City...hopefully either C-Span or CNN will carry it live, considering all the buzz about him getting back in the race. Oh, and by the way, did you see who is now encouraging Al to reconsider? Why, it's Mario Cuomo!

"Right now, the Democratic voice is not a single voice. It is not a chorus. It is a babble...�
(Emphasis mine.)
In a subsequent interview with The Associated Press, Cuomo said that the Democrats are lacking a “positive agenda, one that the whole party can come around, and a guy like Gore — who has done it, who has it and who can point to it — I think he would be an advantage to the campaign.� (Again, emphasis mine.)

And here's another columnist -- not a nationally known columinst, mind you, but still somebody in the press who believes Al should come off the sidelines and give it a go.

Now, here's a contradictory view from my girl Sweet Sue -- like me, a fervent Gore supporter -- and she makes a valid point about why Al should stay out of the fray (for now, anyway). From a calendar standpoint, yes, it may be wise for Al not to get back in it...he faces a fast approaching deadline to get his name on the ballots in the primary states, and he's got NO ground organization to speak of anywhere...but still...the thought of a refreshed Gore jumping back in the fray is just too much for us "Gore-ites" to contemplate.

Shit...just heard the news on NPR: looks like Ah-nold is going to run after all. Now maybe Feinstein will change her mind and get in the race, `cause at this point, Gray is freakin' toast. I think Ah-nold must've gotten some advice from his Predator co-star Jesse Ventura: "Yeah, Arnold, man, go ahead, being governor is real cool, man...ya get to live in a nice big house and have a nice cool office and have a lot of people kiss your ass...ya just gotta deal with those pain in the ass legislators, but you know, man, who cares about them, you'll be the man, dude!" Hopefully Jesse also told him that dealing with budget deficits will also be a big, unadulterated nightmare.

(I just checked the comments over at Kos -- some people are praying for former congressman/OMB director/Clinton chief of staff Leon Panetta to get in the race...and the Political State Report says Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamente is getting off the fence and will put his name on the ballot. This is turning into a freakin' circus...but hey it's politics, what the hell do you expect?)

Time to face facts -- U-T President John Shumaker's days are numbered. Personally, I don't think the issues of his spending comes anywhere close to a scandal (although on the face of it, it all was a bit excessive)...but the fact that he got a big 10 grand payoff from a South Korean company may be the straw that broke the camel's back. Common sense should've told him to either 1.) decline the money or 2.) ask Hyundai that instead of giving it to him, make a donation to a scholarship fund at the school. Now we come to find out that he took out a marriage license to help a Chinese student get a visa to stay in the U.S.

All this comes down to two axioms: most times, the smartest people do the dumbest damn things...and finally, don't piss off your ex-wife!

Finally...I will try my damndest to post on a far more regular basis. The only way a blogger will get people to read him/her if they blog (i.e. write) every day...and I would like to be a part of this growing medium, not just as a reader, but a full fledged participant. Unfortunately, over the past week and a half, I've been a bit on the fatigued side, and as I've been trying to catch up on my sleep, it's not only kept me from blogging, but from a new activity -- water aerobics. Hey, brother got to lose some weight! But I should be able to post more from home, now that we're hooked up on BellSouth's V.92 Modem On-Hold program (now I'm just waiting for their DSL to come to my area). So, like I said, I'll try and post on a more regular basis.

See ya.

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