Thursday, July 31, 2003

Hi ho, everybody...since I last checked in, there's been good news on the home front: the heat is on to get him to change his mind. For us Gore supporters (and yeah, we're out there), this is good news indeed. If you want more info/reax, go to the sites dedicated to My Main Man.

Okay, enough time has passed so that the initial reaction has worn off -- so let me say this: this was some sick shit -- I don't care how you intellectualize that kind of thing, it was sick, sick, sick. It's fine if they use such a program to predict future terrorist events and political upheaval in the Middle East on a purely intellectual/analytical basis (did I just contradict myself here?) -- but damn it, don't place bets on it. Josh Marshall had some brief thoughts about it here.

Enough for now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Hello folks...sorry it's been sooooooo long since my last posting...I've gone back to my usual habit of reading more blogs than writing in the one I have. Right now, I'm writing this post from the ol' job...something I promised myself I wouldn't do, but as I don't want to be delcared MIA on the RTB, I may do this more often, if circumstances permit.

There's been far too much going on in the world over the past 12 days for me to try and catch up on -- the Iraq mess, the 9/11 probe, etc., Bob Hope going to his great reward -- so I don't know where to begin. Of course, last night in our Middle Tennessee area, we had a great big thunder boomer, but thankfully, nobody died. Personally, I've been bouncing back and forth to get the latest on the campaign for my favorite non-candidate (check out the websites on the right). Right now (I'm sorry to say), there's a bit of a lull in the activities, but the die hard among us are praying for some kind of real breakthrough and soon. Frankly, I've been spending too much time surfing the internet, when I've got a great book just waiting for me on my nightstand: Getting Mother's Body by Suzann Lori Parks. I've gotten through the first few chapters, but this damn
blogosphere (and all the fine writers among it) has gotten me so hooked I can't concentrate on anything else.

Okay, gotta go. I'll blog later.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Hi, folks...I'm going to try and write this post while watching Jacob's Ladder on the Bravo channel, starring that great Commie pinko subversive Tim Robbins and child star-turned-future great actor Macauly Culkin...so my thought processes may be off the mark.

Well, let's get back to "Nephews and Knuckleheads." We managed to get the little nephew dressed and ready for church, where he showed out a little bit, as restless two year olds often do. But he tickled us silly near the end of service, when the pastor called for people to come up and join church after his sermon. As we were standing up, the boy grabbed my arm, said "Put your hands behind your back!" and proceeded to help me do just that! I looked at the missus -- who already had her hands behind her back -- and we just laughed...as did the people sitting behind us. (The missus later said he probably saw people do that at his church. She wasn't kidding when she said that boy was smart!)

His dad came and picked him up at church, as we were going on a quick church trip down to Chattanooga that day. We waved good-bye as they drove off...and as he was pulling away, his dad relayed to us his goodbye: "He said 'Bye, baby."

See what I mean by "knuckleheads"? And he's got an older brother who's four and lives here in TN...I can't wait to see them together...that's "knuckleheads" times two!

Gotta go.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Another week, another giant falls -- Latin music great Celia Cruz has died.

I'm not going to talk too much about the war and the goddamned mess we're in...I'll let my crew on the right of your screen do all the pontificating and such. That's why I haven't blogged for almost a week -- I've been spending all of my time reading all these cats, especially Mr. Kos and his partner in crime Steve Gilliard. Some of the best, most insightful writing about the war on the Internet -- along with Billmon at The Whiskey Bar and Steve Soto, The Left Coaster. Their writings have truly opened a window on the current "difficulties" and helped bolster those of us who opposed this god-awful shit...and the incompetent bunch of weasels who started it.

No, I'm here to spend a few minutes to talk about nephews and "knuckleheads"...with both catagories one and the same. Our little nephew is down from Detroit to stay with his dad for a few weeks. Last Saturday night, the missus took him to the UniverSOUL Circus, which was in town on a four or five day stop on its latest tour. I didn't get to go with them, as I had a previous engagement (choir rehersal, okay?!). Well, he spent that night with us, and we just had a ball with him. The missus bought him a stuffed elephant (she says he sucked his thumb and crawled up under her when the real ones came out) and a stuffed tiger, and one of those thing-a-ma-bobs that has the two Jack-in-the-Box looking things that bob back and forth on long narrow springs that are attached to a headband and you turn on a switch and they light up and you put them on your head -- yeah, that thing. Anyway, the kid is just as sweet and cute as he can be. He asked me for "juice" twice in a five or 10 minute period ("That boy drinks like a fish," said the missus), which naturally meant he had to go "potty" soon after that. (A question, to whoever's reading...is this the first sign of juvenile diabetes?)

We got up the next morning and got ready for church...the child hates getting in the tub and taking a "real"bath, so I had to sit him next to the hand sink and bathe him that way. The missus instructed me to put baby powder on him, which was an adventure in itself, as was the brushing of his teeth. I had to brush my teeth to get him to brush his...and I'd already brushed mine!

("Nephews and 'Knuckleheads' to be continued tomorrow....I swear!)

Friday, July 11, 2003

Ewwwwww...it's been a looooooooonnnnnnnggggggg time since my last dispatch...saw-reeeee.

So, it looks like ol' George is gonna walk the plank on the phony Niger uranium story...no, not that George, but this George. Not only is my man Josh all over it, but so are the folks over at the almighty Daily Kos, as well as King Atrios and the gang over at Eschaton. But while I'm disappointed in Tenet apparently caving in and putting himself out as the fall guy for that obvioius lie, I'm not surprised -- this gang will take no responsibility whatsoever for all the problems it's created, from the ballooning deficit to this debacle in Iraq. Eleanor Clift says it better a whole lot better than I can.

The gang over at Kos has been talking a lot about comparisons between our current situation in Iraq and our horrible history in Vietnam (notably here, here, and here.) But the best comparison I've heard was on NPR's All Things Considered earlier this week...a serious must listen. Open your ears...and open your eyes, folks.

Just got through watching the Daily Show's John Stewart on NOW with Bill Moyers...here's the transcript.

Well, a new poll just came out about the `04 Democratic presidential race...and guess who was in the lead?

"Among Democrats, 75% indicate they would consider voting for Gore, compared to 68% for Hillary Clinton, 65% for John Kerry, 62% for Lieberman, and only 53 for Howard Dean.
In direct match-ups against Bush, Gore garners 47% compared to 45% each for Lieberman and Gephardt, 42% for Kerry, 36% for Edwards and 32% for Dean."

(Sound effect: BigDaddy snickering in the background...and enjoying the increasing call in the media for Big Al to run again.)

Later, gator.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

The giants just keep falling and falling...jazz flutist Herbie Mann is dead.

I'm sorry to be so morbid, but I've been dealing with death/mortality quite a bit this year, starting with the death of my great uncle back in January. Since then, the list just keeps growing; as I told my father recently, it's either been someone I know, or the loved one of someone I know: the mother of a high school classmate...the brother of a high school classmate...the husband of a classmate...the brother of someone I worked with in high school...the son of one of my mom's best friends. And just last weekend, I attended the funeral of the husband of my wife's cousin -- killed by a drunk driver last week. On his way home from work...back to his wife and two teenage sons. He and my wife's cousin had been together since junior high school...meaning they'd been in love for 20 plus years, probably 25. Sweet Jesus.

And then today, I read the obituary of the former night city editor for The Tennesseean. This part really struck me:

Mr. Carnahan participated for years in a local wine club and had put away some money for a trip to the California wine country. He decided to postpone that and have house repairs done, Whitt said. He was on a ladder last Wednesday examining the eaves before getting work done on them when he somehow fell and sustained a head injury. He underwent surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center last week but did not improve substantially, so life support was removed Monday.

He put off the trip to fix his house...and he slips off a ladder, busts his head, and dies. You see how fragile life is? Therein lies the lesson...don't put off a damn thing that you want to do...just do it. Because as the Bible says, we do not know the hour, or the day...

Later, gator.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Well, here I am, back on the blogosphere...and feeling great shame. I know it says "occasional dispatches" under the title (and I gave the reason why in my very first post)...but it wasn't my intention to be this occasional! The way you get an audience of loyal readers is if you write and post loyally. I'll try and do better (for you one or two people who may be out there.)

Well, good ol' Strom Thurmond is dead. What can I say? Not much really. But my good man August has something to say about that throwback...a lot to say...and he's damn funny about it to, in that Mister Pollack kinda way. (Note: if you scroll up the page, he tells us how to "pronounce" XQUZYPHYR. I've always prounounced it "Ex-Quiz-Zi-Fer." I think I'll keep calling it that, too.) And besides, my great-uncle, who passed away earlier this year, is just waiting on Strom in the afterlife...and I'm sure he's got a lot to say to him...in his face. Heh, heh, heh, heh.....

(And finally, check out this Slate article about good ol' "Daddy Strom." Of course, none of the major media outlets talked about this part of his life...but really, did what else did we expect?)

I'm out...more later...and I hope, sooner.

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