Friday, May 30, 2003

Ya know, folks, I didn't realize I was making RTB history by becoming the first blogger to formally apply for admission. So, dear readers, I have made both personal (my first blog) and "professional" history on cyberspace. Well dingbust!

I know I said I would talk more about the cause , but I'm a bit on the sleepy side, so I'll try to do so before the weekend is out. Take care, y'all!
Well, good people of blogosphere, I have DONE IT! I have gained proper entry and admission to ye old Rocky Top Brigade! And a big thanks to SouthKnoxBubba for recognizing my love of "malts of a different variety." I am especially pleased to be associated with my fellow "libruls" SKB and Kevin. They're fine boys, they are...fine, smart boys!
(And congratulations to Kevin and his missus on the impending birth of their child -- may he/she be strong, healthy and sturdy enough to survie the Bush/Ashcroft/Rumsfeld, etc. regime!)

And now, let me briefly stir up my first blogosphere controversy. An important event is coming up in two weeks -- here's the link with the info...and here's another link if you want to know how to join the cause.

I'll talk more about the cause later...until then, peace out!

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Hi folks...BigDaddy here in D.C. After a year or more of reading/loving blogs, it's so good to finally be aboard! As I say in the subtitle, my posts will be occasional, because we (the missus and I) are still in the dark ages of Internet connections, i.e. we're still on freaking dial-up. So as not to tie up the damn phone lines, I'll be posting here and there until we switch to either DSL or broadband (and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to give advice).

Right now, my main goal for this blog: to join SouthKnoxBubba and his Rocky Top Brigade, of course! Now I agree with him on almost everything in the RTB Constitution...except, maybe "the good single malt scotch whiskey for around $20, because for the most part, I don't drink. But dadgummit, find me an ice cream parlor that can make a mean chocolate shake -- Baskin & Robbins, of course...but a Swenson's would be damn nice! -- and we're in! Talk to you guys later!

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